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Fitting a Door Latch

Fitting the latch to your internal door properly is important for ensuring your door sits properly in the frame when shut. The latch we provide with our doors is particularly clever and very easy to use once you know how.

Latch-right-way-up-striker-facing-away-compressor large
Latch-upside-down-compressor large

The Latch Must Be The Right Way Up.

The latch is manufactured with a ‘THIS WAY UP’ engraving on it and must be kept that way up whichever way you want your door to swing.

Latch-right-way-up-compressor large
Twisting-the-striker-compressor large

The Striker Rotates

The flat side of the gold tip on the latch – the striker – must always face the direction that the door closes in. So what if you want your door to swing the other way?

Remembering that the latch must always be kept a certain way up, you may be wondering how the latch is suitable for doors that swing either from the left or the right.

The striker on our latch actually adjusts and rotates, as shown in the pictures to the right.

Keep-on-latch-to-secure-striker-compressor large
Peeling-blue-film-from-keep-compressor large

The Keep Locks the Striker in Place

To keep the striker in position, we provide a keep to secure on top. This comes in a blue protective film that you peel away.

The-keep-compressor large