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What is 'Lock Bumping'?

You should be aware of Lock Bumping as it can affect your security

When installing one of our Pre-Hung Exterior Doors you can be sure that we have taken steps to include Bump Resistant lock fittings.

To help prevent lock bumping, as standard we use the Era Vectis lock for all our timber pre-hung door sets.

View the video below for a demonstration of how easy it is to open cheap or unprotected locks with the Lock Bumping technique.

What is lock bumping?

Lock bumping is a very simple technique which a burglar can use to open some older or cheaper locks without making any mess or noise. Using a modified key which is inserted in the usual way, a simple tap on the end of the key allows the lock to be opened.

Sets of keys can be bought off the internet very easily and relatively cheaply from as little as £20. There are even websites dedicated to the supply of them.

One of the major issues with this type of burglary is that, due to the lack of damage, there is often no forensic evidence of someone actually ever having entered your home. The locks are undamaged, there is no damage to the door and frame, and the burglar can even lock the door when they leave if they want to.

It’s very worrying that a great number of suppliers still offer doors for sale with locks which can so easily be bypassed. Very often an ‘upgrade’ is offered to a bump resistant lock. We however take a different approach and will always fit bump resistant locks as standard.