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Decorating Your Door: Oiling an interior door

Applying Danish Oil to interior doors, frames, architrave and other products.

Here at Distinctive Doors we have many years of experience in how to treat timber products to get the best from them. In our opinion Briwax Danish Oil is one of the best Danish Oils available. For this reason we hold it in stock and are one of the leading retailers of it in the UK.

Manufacturers instructions


Timber should be sanded and free of dust and grease.

Apply liberally with a clean cloth or brush directly onto the raw or dyed timber. Leave to dry for a few minutes then remove surplus oil with a clean cloth. On new timber two or three coats may be necessary to produce a finish ( Distinctive Doors Note: In order to comply with our guarantee terms you MUST apply minimum of 4 coats to completely seal and protect the door ).

Briwax Technical Helpline: 020 8658 2299

Other points worth noting

  • More coats will give a richer the finish and colour. The first coat often looks a little washed out.


  • Between 5-10 sq/m per litre depending on the timber and thickness of coating.