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Our Pricing Policy

Ordering online

Distinctive Doors are primarily an online door retailer. We have invested a great deal in our website, and continue to do so every day. Our aim is to provide the best Online Door Purchasing experience possible.

Why is it cheaper to buy online?

We offer better prices online (or at our counter) for several reasons, but the main ones to note are: -

1. You enter the items into a shopping cart which means that we are sure we are sending out the correct items. Sometimes, when taking an order verbally over the telephone, we can misunderstand your requirements and we then have to travel across the country to exchange incorrect items.

2. You are taking the time to select the items which means we are not. This reduces our running costs, which we can then pass on to you.

We are more than happy to help you select your items and should you wish to discuss anything please feel free to contact us on the above number.

Ordering on the telephone

For the above reasons, we charge our list price for orders placed verbally on the telephone. We will still offer quantity discounts where applicable but the starting point will always be the list price, NOT the hugely discounted online price.