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Safety Glass: Critical glazing situations.

Since 1992 there has been a requirement in the England & Wales Building Regulations for robust or protected glazing in certain critical locations. This means the glass must either break safely, resist impact or be protected from impact by permanent guarding. Where Doubled Glazed Units are provided both sheets of glass will need to conform if people are likely to come into contact with the glass from either side (e.g. patio doors).

All tempered (i.e. toughened) or laminated glass must (with minor exceptions) be marked in accordance with BS6206. Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware about safety in their homes and visible etched markings on all panes is the only evidence of complying with British Standards BS6206.

Critical Glazing Areas

The diagram above shows the grey shaded areas as those requiring safety glass.

Small panes of 6mm (¼") annealed glass are suitable in critical locations if the area of the single pane is no more than 500mm (19.7")² and the width of each pane is no more than 250mm (9.85").