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How to store your doors (and/or) frames prior to installation

Special attention needs to be given to the storage of doors and frames (as well as any other timber products we supply) prior to installation. All our products are manufactured using timbers and other products to a specific moisture content. It is very important that this is maintained prior to installation (as well as afterward) to ensure that you get many years of enjoyment from everything we sell you. After all, you have paid with your hard earned cash.

Store Doors On Bearers

The door must be stored flat and off the ground

If stored for less than 24 hours then it is ok to lean against a wall provided that it is safe to do so. If stored for any longer, then the doors should be laid flat on a protected pallet or bearers to keep them off the ground. This is important to protect them from any spills or items on the floor which may otherwise mark the face of the doors.

Do Not Store Doors Near A Heat Or Light Source

Avoid placing next to any kind of heat source such as radiators

This is a common mistake which can cause the doors to bow, crack, split, warp or delaminate through drying out. It can also adversely affect the glues used in the manufacture of the door and may even cause joints to open up.

Heat sources can also cause the product to sweat. This means that the timber is being forcefully dried out, again causing problems such as those mentioned above.

Keep out of direct sunlight or other sources of bright light

The UV Rays in strong light can bleach the timber and you may find that one face of the door (or other item) becomes lighter than the rest. This can be particularly evident if half the face of, for example, the door is covered; you will later notice the covered area is darker than the bleached uncovered area.

The door will also ‘sweat’ and you will notice condensation inside the packaging. This is adversely affecting the moisture content which has been included with the door during manufacture. You will find that the door will bow and maybe laminate and crack if sweating occurs.

Exposure to direct sunlight can also cause problems mentioned in the above ‘Avoid placing next to any kind of heat source’ point.

Do not store outside, or in a damp garage or hut, or any other area susceptible to damp or humid conditions.

These areas are not adequately dry enough to make them suitable storage areas for the kiln dried timbers and other products used in the manufacture of our timber goods (doors, frames, linings, architrave etc.).

Do Not Store Or Install Doors Near Wet Plaster

Do not store in a new building or extension, or near any other building work

Any area where building work has recently been carried out is strictly off limits when it comes to storage. Hundreds of gallons of water can be contained in new buildings, extensions and newly plastered areas. This can often be seen as condensation on windows and as damp patches on the walls as the plaster dries. All our timber products should be kept out of this area until moisture levels are down to normal domestic levels.

Do Not Remove Packaging Until You Are Going To Decorate

Do NOT remove the packaging

Doors and other items are packaged in plastic bags or similar prior to delivery. This is to: -

  • keep the goods clean
  • keep the desired moisture content

If you remove the packaging before you are ready to install you risk getting the door dirty as well as leaving it liable to problems mentioned above (especially those mentioned in the section ‘Avoid placing next to any kind of heat source such as radiators’).

Extended storage

If stored in the correct conditions it is ok to store your doors for up to 14 days after taking delivery. After this time you should start the decorating process which should be completed within a 5 day period. Ideally though we recommend that decoration is started within 24 hours of receiving delivery.


This section is important and forms part of our Terms & Conditions. This page should be read in conjunction with our guidelines in our Decorating Your Door section. Failure to comply with these guidelines will invalidate your warranty.